After the software installed and the Husky HDW20 is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it is time to test your new wallet. Press the ‘Create a new wallet’ button at the software (see picture 1).

picture 1. Create a new wallet

If the warning message appeared, press the ‘OK’ button (see picture 2).

picture 2. IP address warning

Fill out the IP address field and press the ‘Test’ button (see picture 3).

picture 3. IP address setup

Save the IP address (see picture 4).

picture 4. Save the IP address

Create a personal wallet (see picture 5).

picture 5. Create personal wallet

Type the wallet name. At the ‘Advanced options’ menu select the ‘Testnet’ and press the ‘Create Wallet’ button (see picture 6).

picture 6. Create wallet

It is strongly recommended to protect your wallet with a PIN. It will keep your bitcoins securely stored in the wallet (see picture 7). For more info read article ‘What does pin do?’

picture 7. Wallet PIN protection

Confirm wallet creation and PIN set up on the Husky HDW20 wallet.

picture 8. a new wallet created

Once the wallet is created click on the ‘Receive’ button, copy the address and on the testnet faucet send the bitcoins to your wallet (see picture 9).

picture 9. testnet bitcoin receive

Be patient, sometimes the bitcoin transaction takes up to 30 minutes. When you feel confident with the functions of the software and the Husky HDW20 hardware wallet, it is time to switch to the mainnet bitcoin network. Delete the wallet and create a new mainnet bitcoin wallet.